Opposite nr 1

Mniejszości narodowe i etniczne w sztuce polskiej po 1945 roku. "Dla ciebie chcę być biała"

Monika Baer / "Otherness" in the framework of critical anthropology

In the article I sketch the evolution of attitudes concerning the problem of "otherness" in chosen threads of Anglo-American critical anthropology. I would like to show in this way that reifying of non- problematised difference does not allow to notice the historical processes of which it is an effect, the interconnections between the categories constructed within it, as well as the actual heterogeneity of these categories.
While trying to escape the barriers of traditional conceptions, contemporary anthropological critical reflection postulates the necessity of linking the consciousness of multidimensionality of worlds that we inhabit, our place in these worlds, the existence of various fields of power, in which we are all entangled in some ways, with the awareness of the fact that the measurer of senses of our critical theories is their seating in every-day life of ordinary people.