Opposite nr 1

Mniejszości narodowe i etniczne w sztuce polskiej po 1945 roku. "Dla ciebie chcę być biała"

Paweł Leszkowicz / Krystiana Robb-Narbutt and her "adoration of the sweetness"

The text is devoted to the use of objects in an intimate art of Krystiana Robb-Narbutt. Classification of the artist's works has been carried out involving the transformation of the finished objects and description of the materials that she used to create her works. Listed and described were three series of works: boards, cabinets and boxes. Then the interpretations of these works were carried out in three contexts: the biography of the artist, surrealist object trouvés and gender and feminist art. The use of everyday items, the carnivalesque, kitsch that artist called "adoration of the sweetness", this specific aesthetics served a therapeutic role against the trauma of the history and personal life. It was also a kind of personal diary, recording the passing time and people through the associated with them objects, composed by the artist in more decorative and full of meaning whole.