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Mniejszości narodowe i etniczne w sztuce polskiej po 1945 roku. "Dla ciebie chcę być biała"

Kamila Storz / A red brick rural house in cultural landscape of Warmia and Mazury

The cultural landscape of Warmia and Mazury is the sum of many factors characteristic of this region. It comprises aspects of natural environment, religious and ethnologic diversity, regional art work and architecture reminiscent of towns and cities. A red brick rural house is a particular characteristic element of the regional landscape. These particular houses first appeared in Warmia and Mazury (which was previously part of Eastern Prusy ) between XIX c. and WWII. Sadly, it's less esthetically pleasing, but has sophisticated architectural realisation. The aforementioned house is frequently ignored by art historians and treated as more of a subject of ethnographic studies. Due to the particular historical context its maintenance is not prioritised, neither is the maintenance of rural architecture.

When people were renovating these post German houses, they tried to hide or remove the original features as they were still evoking mixed feelings. With every badly done-up or demolished 'mazurski' or 'warminski' house, more cultural and aesthetics values fade into the past. Meanwhile the regional trend in architecture, taken up again by this generation of inhabitants of the region, could be an important element in the restoration of this area.

The regional architecture maintained by the unique landscape can be treated as a marketing product, attracting outsiders as well as new inhabitants.