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Strategie trickstera w praktyce artysty
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PLaCE Research Centre
Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries & Education, UWE, Bristol, UK / Trickster Strategies in the Artists' and Curatorial Practice Conference, Poland

Wroclaw, a city variously Prussian, Austrian, German, now Polish; what better place to hold a conference dedicated to that habitual boundary-crosser, the Trickster? ‘Trickster Strategies in the Artists’ and Curatorial Practice’ was held over two days in October 2011 at Wroclaw’s Institute of Art History. It was organised and hosted by Professor Anna Markowska.

During the 1980s, the city’s central square had played host to the Orange Alternative protests, part of the Solidarity movement which eventually led to the dissolution of the Soviet Bloc, giving the Trickster and Trickster-like behaviour a special significance to the Polish participants to the conference. The English bloc, as Markowska dubbed the contingent who had arrived via Ryanair, consisted of Gillian Whiteley of Loughborough University, speaking on Political Pranksters and Provocateurs, Jill Gibbon of The Open University, on the War Artist as Trickster, and Rob Irving of PLaCE, there to test-drive his ideas about the Trickster as a methodological strategy.

“I arrived slightly late,” says Irving, “but I knew I’d found the right place because the first speaker was wearing headgear made of flashing Xmas lights.” Trickster connoisseurs would have also been entertained by the bi-linguistic hum as papers were translated in concert - mainly, it has to be said, from Polish to English. The conference closed with a lively discussion, triggered by Irving’s talk, about lines that divide not only nations and political ideologies, and behaviour, but also notions of authenticity, genuineness, the ‘real,’ and the Trickster’s role in keeping them moving, dissolving dogma. The Institute’s publication of Conference papers, in English, is expected in 2012.

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źródło: PLaCE Research Centre / May 2012 Newsletter
Trickster Strategies in the Artists' and Curatorial Practice Conference, Poland, s. 7-8
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