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Polityka wymazywania. Pamięć, etos, reprezentacja oraz tyrania idei i widzialności.

Katarzyna Bojarska / Spectrality and the Possibility of Seeing (the Loss). Photography against Referentiality of History

Photography is treated here mostly as a limited medium: situated between the limitless and endless possibility of reproduction (preservation or even survival) and the equally limitless and endless possibility of erasure (destruction or even loss). In the context of the presence of the past (an image of the past and a narrative about it) photography makes us face the issues related to the politics and the aesthetics of the archive – both in the individual and in the collective space. In my presentation I would like to discuss the strategies from the field of visual arts (Aneta Grzeszykowska, Tacita Dean, Zoe Leonard, Ariella Azoulay) and literature (W.G. Sebald, Vladimir Nabokov, Bertolt Brecht) which by using photographs and the dialectics of inscription (or recording) and erasure in various ways question and deconstruct the conventions of creating, collecting and the presence of images (of/and past).